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To lead your life, yourself and others with authenticity grows from being in a deep committed relationship with yourself; your energy, mind and emotions.

Next Level, Ladies only and Limitless Leadership are all keys for understanding, growth and transformation in order to help you in doing so.


Through self discovery and the revelation of your subconscious and unconscious thought and emotional patterns you become aware on your next level of consciousness. This expands your energy, your mind and therefore affect your possibilities. Your responses, relationships, dreams and choices can be conscious in new ways. 

You choose deepened self knowledge to grow into being an authentic mindful leader who are trusted, supported and honoured. All, because you trust, support and honour you and everyone you relate to.

For achieving this you have to see clearer and work with yourself. 

You have to know your subconscious self in order to be a scilled communicator who relate in a conscious way. The deeper your knowledge goes your understanding follows. They are inseparable. Understanding is key to all communication and relation. Firstly you relate to yourself. Secondly to everything and everyone else. 

Life is relation. So is business.  

Do you want to be a more self aware leader taking full responsibility for your energy and its conducting ripple effects? Creating with the energy of your mind? I think you owe it, not only to yourself, but also to everyone you influence; your company, organisation, business and also in the co creating we do together as humans.



* are a curious leader interested in personal growth and expansion

* want to see and change your subconscious patterns and change your situation

* want to learn more about how energy psychology works for you

* want to use your mind in new ways

* want to be a healthy stress free leader 

You gain a solid leadership built on a well anchored transpersonal foundation. You lead your life, others or your own company in a unique alignment with your energy and your more self aware mind and perception.

You can only be the master in your life by changing the subconscious energy- and mind patterns called your inner paradigm. A paradigm, conscious or not, which is controlling not only your perception of self, but also reality itself.

I help you by making the unconscious and subconscious more conscious.




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Business & Beyond


You know who you are on a certain level. But, do you know why? Are you a wise one ready to go deeper and take your knowing of self and therefore your leadership to the next level?

Are you aware of the energy psychology behind the subconscious patterns you bring to the table?

Self discovery and self revelation is the foundation of self leadership. Self leadership is key to every other leadership, since your knowing of you is what you conduct and transmit to everyone you meet and relate to. Your, for example, levels of inner security, trust and self esteem affect not only you, your wellbeing and resilience to stress. They also affect others and by doing so, they affect everything in the organisation.  Just like all your conscious and subconscious insecurities and programming do.

This is why self discovery, the revelation and relief of subconscious belief systems and trauma release is essential to you as a wise leader or entrepreneur.

We meet over the phone in 1, 5 hour sessions every other week during two months in four transformative sessions. First session acts as a key and is an important eye- and door opener to the following three.

This is a unique 1:1 journey for a reason.

It is very personal.

I only do this journey after we´ve had a booked 30 minute phone meeting in between us, since we have to be a match. Trust is everything and first has to be established.

Do not hesitate to book this first call. There is no cost. At best it takes you to your Next Level. At worst we´ve had hopefully a really interesting half hour together of networking.

Contact and pm me at Linkedin text me on 076-320 69 29. Do you prefer to e-mail? You mail to 

Next Level leadership Limitless Edition
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Next Level ledarskapsutveckling är en 2 månader lång transformativ djupgående process med personligt fokus för ledare och chefer. Det innebär att du får möta dig själv på djupa nivåer för att lära dig att nå en ökad

  1. Medvetandegrad – medveten respons ersätter reaktiva kommunikations-, relations- och beteendemönster.
  2. Mognadsnivå – egenansvar ersätter projektion och bristande autenticitet.
  3. Kommunikationsförmåga – fördjupad interpersonell och intrapersonell kommunikation.
  4. Relationsförmåga – förändrad övergripande perception samt tolkningsförmåga.


Modulen innehåller fyra stödjande 1:1 pass om 1,5 h via telefon och/eller digitalt Zoom-rum där kunskap och djupgående övningar varvas. Arbetspassen är utplacerade med två veckors mellanrum för processintegration och TIV, träning i vardagen. Next Level ledarskapsutveckling pågår under två valfria månader. Datumbokning sker vid överenskommen utbildnings- och utvecklingsstart.


Den här utbildnings- och utvecklingsprocessen ger omedelbara svar med hjälp av energipsykologiska effektiva verktyg som bygger på fördjupad självkännedom och skräddarsydd individuell personlig transformation. Den passar alla ledare och chefer, oavsett tidigare yrkeserfarenhet och professionell position. Next Level™ är ett unikt koncept i framkant av neurovetenskapen där energipsykologisk metodik och djupgående dialog förenas. Personlig utveckling har aldrig varit personligare eller mer djupgående.


För att kvalificera dig för Next Level ledarskap krävs en god utvecklingsbenägenhet och ett starkt personligt engagemang. För att säkerställa detta bokas alltid ett 45 minuters samtal med deltagaren. Först därefter planeras den enskildes programstart.


Pass 1

Kunskapsöverföring: Medvetandets nivåer

Uppgift: Grundövning

Pass 2

Kunskapsöverföring: Det transpersonella ledarskapets fyra grundpelare; Expression, Experimenterande, Integration, Transcendens

Uppgift: Undermedvetna mönster

Pass 3

Kunskapsöverföring: Självledarskapets energipsykologi

Övning: Implicita undermedvetna paradigm

Pass 4

Kunskapsöverföring: Trauma och stresspåverkan

Övning: Trauma release



15.000 kr ex moms.



45 min 1:1 samtal före start.

1 modul: Två månader med fyra individuellt anpassade 1, 5 h arbetspass varannan vecka.

Uppföljning i ett 30 min samtal fyra veckor efter avslutad modul.


Valfritt tillägg: Process- och chefsstöd med personlig uppföljning genom återkommande textuell och/eller kortare samtalskontakt mellan samtliga pass under pågående processmodul. Debiteringskostnad 5000 kr ex moms.



Maria Mondiamo The Messenger



Limitless ledership and edition
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