A Trinity Revolution

Trinity Revolution origins from The Power Of Wisdom. It is a a game changing conscious energy in motion. Here to take you to the next level of self realization and self mastery.


Trinity Revolution 

Trinity Transformation

Trinity Solution


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It starts with each and every one of us.

 It is a curious and transpersonal path of self exploration, self realisation and self mastery. All within the divine wisdom of universal love.

Together with me you take exclusive steps of self discovery and transformation for your evolution. Or.  You choose to travel with me as your guiding star together with a small group on that same quest.

 You are The Chosen One. To quote the movie ”The Matrix”, with co star Trinity, the love of the head character Neo. Neo when you change the letters becomes ”One”. Neo and Trinity are together on their quest of awakening, finding truth, awaken humanity and create peace.

Trinity Revolution is both an universal motion but also my very personal frequency and contribution to this world. It contains new perspectives transcending what I call separation consciousness making you take quantum leaps towards unity consciousness.  Trinity as a word reveals three perspectives in combination with unity. It also points to you waking up becoming ”The third principle” and taking ”The third way” in life.

I use and work with several triads, angles and the open circular energy of spirituality. Each and everyone of these tri-angles showing three aspects, all affecting your ways of seeing and perceiving yourself, life, others and this reality. By changing perception and responses, you change your reality.

The triads themselves are carriers of a new kind of intelligence. A wisdom received through a deep, honest and very personal inner journey revealing trinity and ”The third way of perception” as vital key to understanding unity consciousness, its reflections and a new born multidimensional paradigm.

You are the chosen one. We all are. Can you feel it?

I can.

I can guarantee you:

Unique educational self discovery.

Transformation of subconscious patterns, pain and energy blockings and fears.

Reduced inner conflict.

A strong self leadership.

Expanded awareness.

Write to me at Or text me at 076-320 69 29.




This is an extraordinary journey in three steps where you heal your mind, your subconscious patterns through energy psychology and neuro science.

It is a totally unique concept of new perspectives and models received from The Truth beyond the Matrix of programming and illusion.

They each reveal a new kind of deep self awareness. They transform through their wisdom and their strong mirroring effect lovingly reflecting you and your true self back to you.

Through a deepened understanding of why you are the way you are self love sneaks up on you from within during the process.

I hold the space and energy for you and I explain everything step by step through out and during the whole process.

This self exploration together with me is guiding you to immediate insight and transformation.

Self healing of the wounds inflicted by your surroundings and up bringing is a naural bi product of this educational development of a strong inner contact and knowledge of self.

It gives you a well anchored self mastery built on trust, self esteem and strong confidence.


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Transformation together with the power of wisdom revealed by the varying models of trinity with the outcome of trifecta – The solution for you who wish to develop self realisation and self mastery in the safe environment of an exclusive group online.

There is nothing as effective when it comes to personal growth as doing it in relation to others. We have the ability of reflecting as in mirroring eachother, as well as the ability to reflect upon other people and their experiences. We often see clearly with the help of others or we se more clear since we see them from the outside and, thus, we can see ourselves through them without our own clouding of self judgemet. We also grow fast through relating, since we get a wider view when more perspectives are added to the equation and everyone´s unique perspective is shared.

Warm welcome to write to me to either start a group or to join in a group already going on. Write me at or text me at my mobile phone 076-3206929. You can also reach me by mail at Linkedin.

Next start August – September 2022.

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