I want freedom, understanding and peace. Unity for humanity. I absolutely do not want to return to ’normal’. Normal has never existed here. Until now. Now we are closer to life than we as sleeping amnesia beings have ever been before. It may look dark on the outside. it has to. In ordet to birth a new dimension. A new world. One closer to the true sane normality of life. I, like you, have traveled a long way to realize and manifest just that.

sun rising over earth

What do we leave?

Separation, segregation, corrupt profit, self-interest, economic dictatorial resets, totalitarian rule, human trafficking, sex trafficking, child abuse, AI, transhumanism, economic slavery and control. That’s what we’re leaving. Therefore, it is more visible than ever. The unconscious must be seen. To become aware. Illuminated. It has to appear. To be revealed.

By the way, they can fit in one room. The orchestra behind the abnormalities. Fits in a room. They are also human. They are nothing invisible or can hide behind ’Those who rule the world’. They are people. With responsibility. They can never control when we no longer let ourselves. We are so many more. In addition, others can only control when we have handed over our power into the hands of others. When we let our self-interest control us. We have an equal responsibility. No one must forget that. Corporate responsibility gives us our sovereignty. Self-interest makes us abandon it.

By doing so we abandon ourselves and the true essence of life. Our true love sovereignty. To which we all belong. Regardless of agenda, choice and intention, we are the same life. The same consciousness. Just different degrees of contact with that love consciousness within us all. It can withstand taking in.

With hope and blessing, I pray that the self-interest and narrative “we / them”, “good/bad”, “right/wrong” in the unconscious hearts of all people, once and for all goes out. The whole energy shifts once this conditioned duality rules us. Without fear based paradigm, victim mentality and status needs, the few can´t manipulate the many. It is impossible.

Now do not let more children, adolescents, the elderly and ordinary magical people die, be injured and lose immunity defense before you understand the seriousness. How far must it go before you just say no? Ask yourself, with your hand on your heart, if you want to live in the old ’normal’ that has now escalated to visible pure abnormalities.

We do not want to once again stand with the deaths of millions of people on our collective conscience, do we? I did not see it coming, just isn´t enough. You are already affected. You see it coming.

Stop hiding behind your own choice. Your own protection and the status that the established narrative gives you. Do you hear? Protection means that you are on the defensive. Defense is turned on stress which breaks down the human body. You are told to protect yourself and others with vaccines. Still, the restrictions are increasing. It’s not logical. Rationality is abandoned. Science is completely ignored.

You do not only abandon the sovereign human value. Arbitrarily relinquish your rights. It is not humane. That tactic is far from what true humanity is. What true democracy and freedom are.

Our Swedish history is also an illusion of peace. The truth is that we live in ’The Kingdom of pretend’ which has always served and still earns a lot from other people’s wars. Our Swedish companies kill children and people in the world. Neutral weapons manufacturing (WTF. What is that?!?! Note: Rhetorical question. The answer: Hypocrisy), Telecom with Ericsson and 5G which is proven to be (you heard right, proven to be) completely life-threatening for living organisms, but not a penny is put down for research about its health impact, but instead installations is done worldwide. Completely without review. While the world is appropriately busy with a planned ’pandemic’. Such a coincidence. Unfortunately, there is more.


Digitized or digitalized identification. New financial systems where you are the owned top-controlled supervised slave to algorithms and AI. Cozy world? Not particularly. Do you want to live in such a dystopia? Where sanctions govern you and everyone’s freedom. I do not.

Now the sprinkle on our ice cream: Experimental injections. Which actually lowers your immune system. It is open information from immunologists and virologists. No conspiracies as far as the eye can see. Jab away your own immune system. You are now defenseless. Both figuratively and literally. As long as you do not stop taking the doses, follow the threats and all the false fears. Being afraid makes you psychologically easier to control and it negatively affects your immune system. To ’divide and conquer’ are well-known historical words. If you get caught up in the blame game judging others, you are now playing the same game as the establishment. Beware. Watch out. What do you reinforce? Separation or good relations and unity?

With non-medically defensible and completely illogical vaccine passes, do not give away your own birthright to be a sovereign person with the right to live in the society you yourself maintain and pay taxes to. You were born free. Do you remember?     Sweden as a country does not have a clear conscience. And here we are. Does your country have a clear conscience? How about we start to create a collective pure conscience and take collective conscious responsibility? In words, deeds and behaviors. For a better world. For all people. Regardless of abnormal group division. Regardless of injection choice. Let’s create a better world. Because you and I can do better. A Swedish tiger finally no longer applies (a poster showing a quiet blue and yellow striped tiger implying Swedish people are compliant from the World War 2). It’s history. Time to change the present. For the future. As people, fellow human beings and fellow friends in the Blue-Golden Collective and also as a citizen in the world collective.

Transhumanism is one of the goals. Do you know what it is? Monitoring and control. At the level of thought, emotion and soul. The algorithms control you. You’re not human anymore. You are now also connected to machine. Surely it sounds like futuristic horror propaganda? It’s popularly called AI. Once again it is all about financial control. Completely open information. No conspiracy in its abnormal sense here either.

Conspiracy actually means ’breathing together’. Con = together. Spirare = breathing. We ARE conspiracy. We conspire every single breath we take together. Let us take back the true meaning of the word. With its power.

Time for us to wake up from the inside out. Let the light of love burst forth from within the core of the Swedish world darkness. Something is not right here. Swedish power has a lot to be responsible for. In the world. Now also at home.     Should we take our responsibility this time? How about that? Before. Not afterwards. Do not be silent anymore. Let it be history. Be your beautiful human heart. Show it. Show your sympathies. Your empathy. Your compassion.

We are humanity. As such, we need to wake up together. Be true to our core. Unite. Conspire together through deeper breathing in order to connect deeper to life.

I did not come here to allow humanity to be further dehumanized. I came here to take it to its inner nuclear power and the star power it carries. I love humans, their big hearts, courage and incredible capacity. The superpower compassion is the most beautiful thing man possesses. It is worth protecting. Worth standing up for. Long enough, Mankind has slept its Sleeping Beauty sleep. May we now remember. To take the quantum leap. Time to step forward and finally shoulder the true mantle of our species. Be human kind. Human and kind.

citat human kind

May we together create enough love for everyone’s right to own choices, everyone’s right to freedom and may we be unifying and including.

Let us be the true love globalists. Let no one use that name with hidden motives either. Together we are one. A humanity. Living on this Globe. In great reverence for life and in line with its essence, we can live here with our loving empathic hearts.     Let us be the true love virus in this Matrix. That which crashes all inhuman fear-based systems. That which introduces loving unity for humanity. Because it truly is a big deal. To be human. You are far greater than you think. You are loved. You are an important powerful part. A superb own individualized part in and for the whole. Remember that.

Peace and a more loving new world. I wish that for the future earthlings. Together with you. Yes, just you. Together, united for all the children of this world. Both big and small.

Anno 2022, The 1st of January.

In memory of, and respect for, the talker Anne Frank.

— Maria Mondiamo, Talker & Transformer of humanity through Trinity Revolution